2018 Worldwide G1 Races


Stallion Sire Line

Nearco 1935
|Nasrullah 1940
||Grey Sovereign 1948
|||Fortino 1959
||||Caro 1967
|||||Siberian Express 1981
||||||In Excess 1987
|||||||Indian Charlie 1995
||||||||Adios Charlie 2008>Patternrecognition
||||||||Uncle Mo 2008>Unbridled Mo
|||||Parade Marshal 1983
||||||Not For Sale 1994>American Tattoo, Il Mercato
|||||||Asiatic Boy 2003>Vale Dori
|||||With Approval 1986
||||||T. H. Approval 2001>Mama Mia
|||Zeddaan 1965
||||Kalamoun 1970
|||||Kenmare 1975
||||||Highest Honor 1983
|||||||Santiago 2002>Khan
||Bold Ruler 1954
|||Bold Nesian 1963
||||Bold Reasoning 1968
|||||Seattle Slew 1974
||||||A.P. Indy 1989
|||||||Pulpit 1994
||||||||Tapit 2001>Unique Bella, Chasing Yesterday
|||||||||Concord Point 2007>American Gal
|||||||||Tapizar 2008>Monomoy Girl, Ransom The Moon
|||||||Stephen Got Even 1996
||||||||First Dude 2007>Shamrock Rose
|||||||Malibu Moon 1997>Magnum Moon
||||||||Orb 2010>Sippican Harbor
|||||||Jump Start 1999>Sexy Reasons
|||||||Bernardini 2003
||||||||Stay Thirsty 2008>Mind Control
||||||||To Honor And Serve 2008>Eskimo Kisses
|||||||Adriano 2005>Olympic Hanoi, Gucci Girl
|||||||Judpot 2005>Coral Fever
|||||||Eye On Jacob 2006>Juliana
|||||||Friesan Fire 2006>Army Mule
||Red God 1954
|||Blushing Groom 1974
||||Rainbow Quest 1981
|||||Nedawi 1995>La Vie En Rose
||||Candy Stripes 1982
|||||Equal Stripes 1999>Balompie, Nicholas
||||Rahy 1985
|||||Pounced 2007>Arrocha
||Never Bend 1960
|||Mill Reef 1968
||||Shirley Heights 1975
|||||Know Heights 1989
||||||Jeune-Turc 2004>Olimpico
|Royal Charger 1942
||Turn-to 1951
|||Hail To Reason 1958
||||Halo 1969
|||||Southern Halo 1983
||||||More Than Ready 1997>Funtastic, Catholic Boy, Roy H, Rushing Fall, Uni
|||||||Sebring 2005>Amphitrite
|||||||Gimmethegreenlight 2008>Surcharge
|||||Sunday Silence 1986
||||||Fuji Kiseki 1992
|||||||Kane Hekili 2002>London Town
||||||Stay Gold 1994>Rainbow Line
|||||||Orfevre 2008>Epoca D'Oro
||||||Agnes Gold 1998>Silence Is Gold
||||||Admire Max 1999>K T Brave
||||||Gold Allure 1999>Gold Dream, Graceful Leap
||||||Neo Universe 2000
|||||||Tosen Phantom 2007>Brave Smash
||||||Daiwa Major 2001>Admire Mars, Nova Lenda
||||||Hat Trick 2001>Har Mario
||||||Heart's Cry 2001>Suave Richard, Yoshida, Lys Gracieux
||||||Deep Impact 2002>Saxon Warrior, Keiai Nautique, Jour Polaire, Wagnerian, Study Of Man, Fierement, Ange Desir, Danon Fantasy
||||Roberto 1969
|||||Kris S 1977
||||||Arch 1995
|||||||Blame 2006>Fault, Marley's Freedom
|||||||Archarcharch 2008>Next Shares
|||||Al Mufti 1985
||||||Captain Al 1996>Sergeant Hardy, Snowdance, Captain America
|||||Symboli Kris S 1999>Le Vent Se Leve
||||Red Ransom 1987
|||||Domesday 2002>Daysee Doom, Extra Brut
|||||Roc De Cambes 2004>Vin De Dance
|||||All American 2005>Dark Dream
|||Sir Gaylord 1959
||||Sir Ivor 1965
|||||Sir Tristram 1971
||||||Zabeel 1986>Lizzie L'Amour
|||||||Octagonal 1992
||||||||Lonhro 1998>Kementari, Impending, Aristia
|||||||||Pierro 2009>Levendi, Arcadia Queen
|||||||Greys Inn 2000>Legal Eagle
|||||||Savabeel 2001>Sword Of Osman, Savvy Coup, Shillelagh
|||||||Eighth Wonder 2005>Start Wondering
||||||Yamanin Vital 1990>Who Shot Thebarman
|Infatuation 1951
||Showdown 1961
|||The Judge 1975
||||Zeditave 1985
|||||Magic Albert 1998
||||||Ilovethiscity 2007>El Dorado Dreaming
|Nearctic 1954
||Northern Dancer 1961
|||Nijinsky 1967
||||Niniski 1976
|||||Lomitas 1988
||||||Silvano 1996
|||||||Bold Silvano 2006>Bold Respect
|||Vice Regent 1967
||||Deputy Minister 1979
|||||Silver Deputy 1985
||||||Possse 2000>Mind Your Biscuits
|||||Awesome Again 1994
||||||Awesome Patriot 2008>Cariblanco
||||||Paynter 2009>Knicks Go
|||The Minstrel 1974
||||Minstrel Glory 1980
|||||Job Di Caroline 1993>Gandhi Di Job
|||Sovereign Dancer 1975
||||Louis Quatorze 1993
|||||Repent 1999>Discreet Lover
|||Try My Best 1975
||||Last Tycoon 1983
|||||O'Reilly 1993>Grunt
||||||Alamosa 2004>Stolen Dance
|||||Iglesia 1995
||||||Written Tycoon 2002>Written By
||||Waajib 1983
|||||Royal Applause 1993
||||||Acclamation 1999>Expert Eye
|||||||Dark Angel 2005>Hunt, Raging Bull
|||||||Equiano 2005>The Tin Man
|||Danzig 1977
||||Chief's Crown 1982
|||||Concerto 1994
||||||Bellamy Road 2002>Diversify
||||Green Desert 1983
|||||Cape Cross 1994
||||||Sea The Stars 2006>Stradivarius, Sea Of Class
|||||Invincible Spirit 1997>Eqtidaar, Magna Grecia, Royal Meeting
||||||I Am Invincible 2004>Hellbent, Viddora, Oohood, Media Sensation, Voodoo Lad
|||||Oasis Dream 2000>Polydream, Pretty Pollyanna
||||||Captain Gerrard 2005>Alpha Delphini
||||||Showcasing 2007>Advertise
||||Danehill 1986
|||||Danehill Dancer 1993
||||||Fast Company 2005>Robert Bruce
||||||Mastercraftsman 2006>Saint Emilion, Alpha Centauri, A Raving Beauty, Cambridge, Danzdanzdance
|||||Danetime 1994
||||||Myboycharlie 2005>Sistercharlie
||||||Bushranger 2006>Sophie P
|||||Commands 1996>Melody Belle
||||||Epaulette 2009>Soqrat
|||||Dansili 1996>With You
||||||Delegator 2006>Accidental Agent
||||||Harbinger 2006>Blast Onepiece
|||||Redoute's Choice 1996>The Autumn Sun, Galaxy Star
||||||Snitzel 2002>Russian Revolution, Estijaab, Trapeze Artist
||||||Stratum 2002>Miss Wilson, Land Of Plenty
||||||Time Thief 2005>In Her Time
||||||Beneteau 2007>Prompt Response
|||||Mozart 1998
||||||Dandy Man 2003>La Pelosa
|||||Rock Of Gibraltar 1999>Gibraltar Point, Quarteto De Cordas
||||||Red Rock Canyon>Invader
|||||Catcher In The Rye 2000>La Extrana Dama
|||||Exceed And Excel 2000>Mr Stunning
||||||Helmet 2008>Thunder Snow
|||||Fastnet Rock 2001>Age Of Fire, Shoals, Avantage, Unforgotten, Comin' Through, Merchant Navy, One Master
||||||Wanted 2006>Leicester
||||||Hinchinbrook 2007>Seabrook
||||||Foxwedge 2008>Volpe Veloce, Urban Fox
||||||Smart Missile 2008>Maid Of Heaven
|||||Kodiac 2001>Best Solution, Fairyland
|||||Camacho 2002>Teppal
|||||Darci Brahma 2002>D B Pin, Devise
|||||Oratorio 2002>Van Halen
|||||Champs Elysees 2003>Harlem, Billesdon Brook
|||||Dylan Thomas 2003>Ladies First
|||||Ivan Denisovich 2003>Nuevo Maestro
|||||Holy Roman Emperor 2004>Romanised, Well Timed, Glorious Empire
||||Lure 1989
|||||Orpen 1996>Emotion Orpen
||||Perugino 1991
|||||Testa Rossa 1996>Enzo's Lad
||||Anabaa 1992
|||||Style Vendome 2010>Lily's Candle
||||Langfuhr 1992
|||||Imperialism 2001>Imperial Hint
||||War Front 2002>Lancaster Bomber, U S Navy Flag, Homesman, Fog Of War
|||||Declaration Of War 2009>Olmedo, Full Moon
|||Nureyev 1977>Lightning Spear
||||Polar Falcon 1987
|||||Pivotal 1993>Blair House
||||||Siyouni 2007>Laurens
|||Storm Bird 1978
||||Storm Cat 1983
|||||Harlan 1989
||||||Harlan's Holiday 1999
|||||||Into Mischief 2005>Audible
|||||||Shanghai Bobby 2010>Habile Bobby, Inforcer, Lamartine, Aero Trem, Doppio Shanghai
|||||Forest Wildcat 1991
||||||Var 1999>Sommerlied
|||||Hennessy 1993
||||||Johannesburg 1999
|||||||Scat Daddy 2004>Justify, Skitter Scatter
||||||||Daddy Long Legs 2009>Fallen From Heaven
||||||||No Nay Never 2011>Ten Sovereigns
||||||Henny Hughes 2003>Moanin
|||||Stormy Atlantic 1994>Stormy Liberal
|||||Tale Of The Cat 1994
||||||Lion Heart 2001
|||||||Dangerous Midge 2006>Storm Rodrigo
|||||||Meal Penalty 2005>Keaton
|||||Scatmandu 1995
||||||Tiger Heart 2001>Schweinsteiger
|||||Forestry 1996>Hembra
||||||Shackleford 2008>Promises Fulfilled
|||||Tiger Ridge 1996>Nother Russia
|||||Giant's Causeway 1997>Carrick
||||||Shamardal 2002>Pakistan Star, Blue Point, Sheikha Reika
|||||||Captain Sonador 2006>Seasons Bloom
|||||||Lope De Vega 2007>Santa Ana Lane, Newspaperofrecord
||||||Await The Dawn 2007>Hero's Honour
||||||Creative Cause 2009>Pavel
|||||Freud 1998>Summer Love, Foustar Crook
|||||Pure Prize 1998>Hi Happy, Blue Prize
|||||Hold That Tiger 2000>Holdthasigreen
||||||Smiling Tiger 2007>Spiced Perfection
|||||Grand Reward 2001>Smart Choice
|||||Bluegrass Cat 2003>Hola Y Chao
|||||Hurricane Cat 2003>Puerto Escondido, Tremendo Tordo
|||||Gstaad 2004>Sale Al Amanecer
|||Night Shift 1980
||||Deportivo 2000>Gailo Chop
||||Azamour 2001>Best Of Days
|||Sadler's Wells 1981
||||In The Wings 1986
|||||Soldier Hollow 2000>Weltstar
|||||Adlerflug 2004>Iquitos
||||El Prado 1989
|||||Artie Schiller 2001>Bowies Hero
|||||Borrego 2001>Mateco
|||||Kitten's Joy 2001>Hawkbill, Roaring Lion, Oscar Performance
|||||Grassy 2006>Bella Khaleesi
||||Fort Wood 1990
|||||Horse Chestnut 1995>Tilbury Fort
|||||Dynasty 1999>Eyes Wide Open, Front And Centre
||||Montjeu 1996
|||||Gallant Guru 2002>Patrick Erin
|||||Authorized 2004>Hartnell
|||||Camelot 2009>Latrobe, Athena, Wonderment
||||Galileo 1998>Rhododendron, Forever Together, Waldgeist, Kew Gardens, Flag Of Honour, Magical, Line Of Duty
|||||Heliostatic 2003>Touch Of Pink
|||||Sixties Icon 2003>Sixties Song
|||||Teofilo 2004>Happy Clapper, Humidor, Cross Counter
||||||Havana Gold 2010>Havana Grey
|||||Yazamaan 2004>MIlos
|||||Cima De Triomphe 2005>Sinfonia Fantastica
|||||New Approach 2005>Masar
|||||Frankel 2008>Cracksman, Mozu Ascot, Without Parole, Call The Wind
|||||Nathaniel 2008>Enable, God Given
|||||Treasure Beach 2008>Mirta
|||||Intello 2010>Intellogent
|||||Ruler Of The World 2010>Iridessa
||||High Chaparral 1999>Hiyaam, Youngstar
|||||So You Think 2006>D'Argento, Sopressa
|||Fairy King 1982
||||Encosta De Lago 1993>English
|||||Road To Rock 2004>Beauty Generation
|||||Northern Meteor 2005
||||||Zoustar 2010>Sunlight
|||Rakeen 1987
||||Jet Master 1994
|||||Pomodoro 2008>Return Flight
||Icecapade 1969
|||Wild Again 1980
||||Wild Event 1993>Fanciful, Future Queen

Native Dancer 1950
|Atan 1991
||Sharpen Up 1969
|||Diesis 1980
||||Halling 1991>Desert Encounter
|Raise A Native 1961
||Mr. Prospector 1970
|||Fappiano 1977
||||Cryptoclearance 1984
|||||Ride The Rails 1991
||||||Candy Ride 1999>Gun Runner, Separationofpowers, Game Winner, Leofric
|||||||Sidney's Candy 2007>Sublime Boy
|||||||Twirling Candy 2007>Finley'sluckycharm
|||||||Senor Candy 2008>El Dt
|||||Victory Gallop 1995
||||||Texas Fever 2005>Electronica
||||Quiet American 1986
|||||Real Quiet 1995
||||||Midnight Lute 2003>Midnight Bisou
|||||First American 1996>First Thing
||||Unbridled 1987
|||||Unbridled's Song 1993
||||||Value Plus 2001>Long On Value
||||||Dunkirk 2006>Leitone
||||||Cross Traffic 2009>Jaywalk
|||||Manipulator 2001>Logrado, Manuca Rosalina, Cafe Fuerte
|||Miswaki 1978
||||Panis 1998>Sands Of Mali
|||Fast Gold 1979
||||Setembro Chove 2001>Halston
|||Gone West 1984
||||Zafonic 1990
|||||Iffraaj 2001>Jungle Cat
||||Western Winter 1992>Attenborough, Redberry Lane
||||Elusive Quality 1993
|||||Raven's Pass 2005>Royal Marine
|||||Quality Road 2006>City Of Light, Salty, Abel Tasman, Spring Quality, Bellafina
|||||Sepoy 2008>Alizee
||||Grand Slam 1995
|||||Visionaire 2005>Takingthepeace
||||Speightstown 1998>Competitionofideas
|||||Jersey Town 2006>Bee Jersey
|||Jade Hunter 1984
||||Global Hunter 2002>Global Beauty
|||Forty Niner 1985
||||End Sweep 1991
|||||Swept Overboard 1997>Omega Perfume
|||||Trippi 1997>Lobo's Legend
|||||Admire Moon 2003>Fine Needle
||||Twining 1991>Nonkono Yume
||||Rich Man's Gold 1992>Coral Fever
||||Distorted Humor 1993>Restless Rider
|||||Drosselmeyer 2007>Great Spirit
|||||Mcleean's Music 2008>Complexity
|||||Pathfork 2008>Mighty High
|||||Fortify 2010>Joy Nikita
||||Jules 1994
|||||Quick Road 2003>On The Road, Lisboeta
|||Seeking The Gold 1985
||||Dubai Millennium 1996
|||||Dubawi 2002>The Blue Eye, North America, Benbatl, Wild Illusion, Quorto, Kitesurf, Too Darn Hot
||||||Poet's Voice 2007>Poet's Word, Trap For Fools
|||Carson City 1987
||||City Zip 1998>Improbable
|||Machiavellian 1987
||||Medicean 1997
|||||Dutch Art 2004>Mabs Cross
||||Street Cry 1998>Oh Susanna, Winx
|||||Street Sense 2004>Mckinzie
|||||Street Hero 2006>Ancelotti
|||Kingmambo 1990
||||King Kamehameha 2001>Mikki Rocket, Rey De Oro
|||||Lord Kanaloa 2008>Almond Eye, Stelvio, Saturnalia
||||Tawqeet 2002>Holly Woman
||||Archipenko 2004>Time Warp, Glorious Forever, Elogiado
||||Campanologist2005>Tiger Feet
||||Henrythenavigator 2005
|||||Pedro The Great 2010>Fatale Bere
|||Distant View 1991
||||Obserbatory 1997
|||||Twice Over 2005>Do It Again
|||Miesque's Son 1992
||||Whipper 2001>Recoletos
|||Smart Strike 1992
||||English Channel 2002>Heart To Heart, Voodoo Song, Johnny Bear, Channel Maker
||||Curlin 2004>Good Magic
||||Lookin At Lucky 2007>Accelerate, El Picaro, Dafonda, Diane, Wow Cat, La Canita
||||Zanzibari 2007>Nonza
|||Fusaichi Pegasus 1997
||||Roman Ruler 2002>Roman Rosso, Imagen De Roma

Tom Fool 1949
|Silly Season 1962
||Lunchtime 1970
|||Snippets 1984
||||Pins 1996>Madison County

Damascus 1964
|Bailjumper 1974
||Skip Trial 1982
|||Skip Away 1993
||||Skipshot 2007>Vasilika
|Private Account 1976
||Public Purse 1994>Euquemando
|||Alcorano 2004>Don Carrasco

Blandford 1919
|Bahram 1932
||Persian Gulf 1940
|||Tamerlane 1952
||||Dschingis Khan 1961
|||||Konigsstuhl 1976
||||||Monsun 1990>Almandin

Ack Ack 1966
|Broad Brush 1983
||Dubai Dust 1994>Hacksaw Ridge

Ribot 1952
|His Majesty 1968
||Pleasant Colony 1978
|||Pleasantly Perfect 1998>Whitmore

Prince Rose 1928
|Princequillo 1940
||Prince John 1953
|||Speak John 1958
||||Hold Your Peace 1969
|||||Success Express 1985
||||||Mossman 1995>Ivictory
|Prince Bio 1941
||Sicambre 1948
|||Shantung 1956
||||Felicio 1965
|||||Itajara 1983
||||||Siphon 1991>Honoravel Bisca

In Reality 1964
|Relaunch 1976
||Honour And Glory 1993
|||Put It Back 1998>Flight Time

Djebel 1937
|Clarion 1944
||Klairon 1952
|||Lorenzaccio 1965
||||Ahonoora 1975
|||||Inchinor 1990
||||||Imperial Stride 2001>Will Pays
||||||Notnowcato 2002>Redkirk Warrior

BMS Sire Line

Nearco 1935
|Nasrullah 1940
||Grey Sovereign 1948
|||Fortino 1959
||||Caro 1967
|||||Kaldoun 1975
||||||Kaldounevees 1991>Nonza
|||||Ringaro 1979
||||||Punk 1984>Quarteto De Cordas
|||||Cozzene 1980>Alpha Delphini
|||||Parade Marshall 1983
||||||Not For Sale 1994>Blue Prize, Danon Fantasy, Elogiado
|||Zeddaan 1965
||||Kalamoun 1970
|||||Kenmare 1975
||||||Highest Honor 1983>Recoletos
|||||Kalaglow 1978
||||||Jeune 1989>Galaxy Star
||||||Sternkonig 1990>Weltstar
||Nashua 1952
|||Good Manners 1966
||||Farnesio 1974
|||||Interprete 1988>Logrado
||||Ahmad 1975
|||||Potrillon 1988>Cafe Fuerte
||Bold Ruler 1954
|||Bold Bidder 1962
||||Spectacular Bid 1976
|||||Bite The Bullet 1987>Comin' Through
|||Boldnesian 1963
||||Bold Reasoning 1968
|||||Seattle Slew 1974
||||||Slew City Slew 1984
|||||||Evansville Slew 1992>Next Shares
||||||A.P. Indy 1989>Game Winner, Improbable
|||||||Pulpit 1994>Olimpico, Summer Love
||||||||Sky Mesa 2000>Bowies Hero
|||||||Malibu Moon 1997>Bellafina
|||||||Dynamix 1998>Sale Al Amanecer
|||||||Bernardini 2003>Catholic Boy
|||||||Flanders Fields 2003>Ancelotti
|||||Super Concorde 1975
||||||Big Shuffle 1984
|||||||Areion 1995>Iquitos
|||Jungle Cove 1966
||||Bush Telegragh 1983
|||||London News 1992>Undercover Agent
|||Raja Baba 1968
||||Is It True 1986
|||||Yes It's True 1996>Complexity
|||Secretariat 1970
||||D'Accord 1979>Foustar Crook
||Red God 1954
|||Blushing Groom 1974
||||Runaway Groom 1979
|||||Cherokee Run 1990>The Blue Eye
||||Mt. Livermore 1981
|||||Orientate 1998>Long On Value, Jaywalk
||||Rainbow Quest 1981
|||||Saumarez 1987>Fatale Bere
|||||Sakura Laurel 1991>K T Brave
|||||Spectrum 1992>Land Of Plenty
||||Candy Stripes 1982>First Thing
|||||City West 1997>Roman Rosso
||||Groom Dancer 1984>Full Moon
|||||Kabool 1995>Bold Respect
||||Rahy 1985>Alpha Centauri, Bee Jersey
||||Nashwan 1986>Poet's Word, Urban Fox
||||Jallad 1988>Eyes Wide Open, Redberry Lane, Will Pays
||||Marignan 1989>Gailo Chop
||Never Bend 1960
|||Mill Reef 1968
||||Shirley Heights 1975
|||||Darshaan 1981
||||||Mark Of Esteem 1993>Fine Needle
|||||Know Heights 1989>Invader, Great Spirit
|Royal Charger 1942
||Turn-to 1951
|||Hail To Reason 1958
||||Halo 1969
|||||Sunday Silence 1986>Almond Eye, Oohood
||||||Special Week 1995>Saturnalia
||||||Agnes Tachyon 1998>Nonkono Yume
||||||Gold Allure 1999>Omega Perfume
||||||Neo Universe 2000>Le Vent Se Leve
|||||Saint Ballado 1989
||||||Yankee Victor 1996>North America
|||||Halo Sunshine 1993>Vale Dori
||||Roberto 1969
|||||Kris S. 1977
||||||Symboli Kris S 1999>Rey De Oro
|||||Red Ransom 1987>Ransom The Moon, Homesman
||||||Charge Forward 2001>Estijaab, Sunlight
||||||Domesday 2002>Trapeze Artist
|||Sir Gaylord 1959
||||Sir Ivor 1965
|||||Sir Tristram 1971
||||||Zabeel 1986>Avantage, Hiyaam, El Dorado Dreaming, Humidor
|||||||Colombia 1996>Viddora
|||||||Don Eduardo 1998>Seabrook
||||Habitat 1966
|||||Hard Fighter 1971
||||||Hard Up 1979>Sergeant Hardy
|Infatuation 1951
||Showdown 1961
|||The Judge 1975
||||Zeditave 1985>In Her Time
|Nearctic 1954
||Northern Dancer 1961
|||Nijinsky 1967
||||Green Dancer 1972
|||||Senor Pete 1987>Sublime Boy
|||||Green Tune 1991>Polydream, Fierement
||||Niniski 1976
|||||Hernando 1990>Sea Of Class
||||Royal Academy 1987>Lightning Spear, Stormy Liberal
|||||Bel Esprit 1999>Beauty Generation
|||Vice Regent 1967
||||Deputy Minister 1979>Abel Tasman, Spring Quality, Sippican Harbor, Manuca Rosalina
|||||Silver Deputy 1985>Heart To Heart
|||||Dehere 1991>Ladies First, City Of Light, Maid Of Heaven
|||||French Deputy 1992>Rainbow Line, Hi Happy, Gold Dream, Ange Desir
||||||Kurofune 1998>Nova Lenda
|||||Victory Speech 1993>Smart Choice
|||||Awesome Again 1994>Accelerate
||||||Ghostzapper 2000>Justify, American Gal
||||||Toccet 2000>Mind Your Biscuits
|||||Touch Gold 1994>Oh Susanna
|||||Missionary 1995>Imagen De Roma
|||Northern Jove 1968
||||Equalize 1982>Il Mercato
|||Lyphard 1969
||||Elliodor 1977
|||||Model Man 1982
||||||Special Preview 1991>Return Flight
||||Ghadeer 1978>Lamartine
|||||Mensageiro Alado 1991>Doppio Shanghai
||||Alzao 1980>Front And Centre
|||Be My Guest 1974
||||Pentire 1992>Saint Emilion, Sommerlied
|||The Minstrel 1974
||||Minstrel Glory 1980>Schweinsteiger
|||Sovereign Dancer 1975
||||Louis Quatorze 1993>Fuerto Escondido
|||||Repent 1999>Midnight Bisou
|||Try My Best 1975
||||Waajib 1983
|||||Royal Applause 1993>Blue Point
||||||Acclamation 1999>Eqtidaar
|||||||Dark Angel 2005>Havana Grey
|||Danzig 1977
||||Green Desert 1983>Athena
|||||Volksraad 1988>Devise, Hellbent
|||||Fahim 1993>Halston
|||||Cape Cross 1994>Laurens, Masar
|||||Invincible Spirit 1997>Desert Encounter
|||||Kheleyf 2001>Intellogent
||||Mister C. 1983>Daysee Doom
||||National Assembly 1984
|||||National Emblem 1991>Legal Eagle
||||Danehill 1986>Youngstar, Iridessa
|||||Danzero 1991>Danzdanzdance
|||||Flying Spur 1992>Shillelagh
||||||San Luis 1998>Vin De Dance
|||||Lion Hunter 1992>Dark Dream
|||||Restructure 1992>Tilbury Fort
|||||Danehill Dancer 1993>Kitesurf
|||||Danetime 1994
||||||Bushranger 2006>La Pelosa
|||||Desert King 1994>Kew Gardens
|||||Tiger Hill 1995>Almandin, Aristia
||||||Konigstiger 2002>Wonderment
|||||Catbird 1996>Enzo's Lad
|||||Dansili 1996>Expert Eye, Uni
|||||Redoute's Choice 1996>Kementari, D'Argento, Levendi, Amphitrite, Extra Brut, Arcadia Queen
||||||Not A Single Doubt 2001>Seasons Bloom
|||||Rock Of Gibraltar 1999>Line Of Duty
||||||Mount Nelson 2004>Quorto
|||||Catcher In The Rye 2000>Nicholas
|||||Exceed And Excel 2000>Alizee, Prompt Response, Ten Sovereigns
|||||Fastnet Rock 2001>Santa Ana Lane
|||||Amigoni 2003>Hembra
|||||Holy Roman Emperor 2004>Newspaperofrecord
||||Dayjur 1987>Mr Stunning
||||Polish Numbers 1987
|||||Ayrton S 1993>Don Carrasco
||||Lure 1989
|||||Orpen 1996>Robert Bruce
||||Pine Bluff 1989>Juliana
||||Burooj 1990>La Vie En Rose
||||Anabaa 1992>Hartnell, English
||||Joshua Dancer 1994>Snowdance
||||Outflanker 1994>Knicks Go
||||Hard Spun 2004>Good Magic
|||Nureyev 1977
||||Theatrical 1982>Forever Together, Oscar Performance
||||Polar Falcon 1987
|||||Pivotal 1993>Cracksman, Olmedo, Rhododendron, Mikki Rocket, Advertise, Glorious Empire, Fairyland, Mabs Cross, One Master, Magical
||||Caesour 1990>Attenborough
||||Nugget Point 1982>Gibraltar Point
||||Peintre Celebre 1994>Pakistan Star
||||Romanov 1994>Tremendo Tordo
||||Stravinsky 1996>Russian Revolution, Global Hunter
|||Storm Bird 1978
||||Storm Cat 1983>Study Of Man
|||||Forest Wildcat 1991>Jungle Cat
|||||Hennessy 1993>Mozu Ascot
||||||Johannesburg 1999
|||||||Scat Daddy 2004>El Picaro, Whitmore, La Canita
||||||Sunray Spirit 1999>Balompie
||||||Henny Hughes 2003>Monomoy Girl
|||||Stormy Atlantic 1994>Time Warp, Euquemando, Glorious Forever
|||||Cat Thief 1996>Wow Cat
|||||Forestry 1996>Rushing Fall
||||||Discreet Cat 2003>Discreet Lover
|||||Vision And Verse 1996>Mateco
|||||Bernstein 1997>Hat Mario
|||||Giant's Causeway 1997>Gun Runner, Hawkbill, Sophie P
||||||Shamardal 2002>Mighty High, Latrobe, Pretty Pollyanna
|||||Black Minnaloushe 1998>Stolen Dance
|||||Yankee Gentleman 1999>Chasing Yesterday
|||||Van Nistelrooy 2000>Grunt
|||||Lightnin N Thunder 2001>Mind Control
|||||The Migghty Tiger 2001>Leitone
|||||Hurricane Cat 2003>Cariblanco
||||Bluebird 1984
|||||Dolphin Street 1990>Lily's Candle
||||Combsway 1984>Milos
|||||Fregys 1992
||||||Patriot 2000>Keaton
|||Dixieland Band 1980
||||Dixie Union 1997>Salty
|||||High Cotton 2003>Patternrecognition
|||Sadler's Wells 1981>Lizzie L'Amour, Enable
||||In The Wings 1986
|||||Singspiel 1992>Royal Marine, Too Darn Hot
|||||Winged Love 1992>Khan
||||Stagecraft 1987>Hola Y Chao, Cambridge
||||El Prado 1989
|||||Medaglia D'Oro 1999>Competionofideas
||||Barathea 1990>Volpe Veloce
|||||Tobbougg 1998>Written By, Sheikha Reika
||||Fort Wood 1990>Captain America
|||||Horse Chsetnut 1995>Fault, Johnny Bear, Channel Maker
||||Dushyantor 1993>Fallen From Heaven
||||Casey Tibbs 1994>Do It Again
||||Galileo 1998>Age Of Fire, Unforgotten, Sistercharlie, Saxon Warrior, Hero's Honour, Leicester, The Autumn Sun, U S Navy Flag, Magna Grecia, Fog Of War
||||High Chaparral 1999>A Raving Beauty, Best Of Days, Media Sensation
|||Fairy King 1982
||||Encosta De Lago 1993>Happy Clapper, Impending
||||Helissio 1993>Jour Polaire
|||Rambo Dancer 1984>Takingthepeace
||Icecapade 1969
|||Wild Again 1980
||||Wild Event 1993>Flight Time

Native Dancer 1950
|Dan Cupid 1956
||Sea-Bird 1962
|||Arctic Tern 1973
||||Bering 1983>Stradivarius
|||||American Post 2001>Lys Gracieux
|Atan 1961
||Sharpen Up 1969
|||Diesis 1980
||||Elmaamul 1987
|||||Mutathir 1995>Holdthasigreen
|||Selkirk 1988>Redkirk Warrior, Benbatl
|Raise A Native 1961
||Exclusive Native 1965
|||Roi Normand 1983>Inforcer, On The Road
||||Redattore 1995>Hacksaw Ridge
||Majestic Prince 1966
|||Majestic Light 1973
||||Wavering Monarch 1979
|||||Maria's Mon 1993>Pavel
||Mr. Prospector 1970
|||Fappiano 1977
||||Roy 1983>Sexy Reasons
||||Cryptoclearance 1984
|||||Victory Gallop 1995>Finley'sluckycharm
||||Quiet American 1986>Funtastic, American Tattoo
|||||First American 1996>Silence Is Gold
||||Unbridled 1987>Unbridled Mo
|||||Unbridled's Song 1993>Suave Richard, Magnum Moon, Unique Bella, Voodoo Song, Restless Rider, Sixties Song, Leofric
|||||Empire Maker 2000>Separationofpowers
||||Signal Tap 1991>Arrocha
|||Miswaki 1978
||||Black Tie Affair 1986
|||||Formal Gold 1993>Marley's Freedom
|||Conquistador Cielo 1979
||||Marquetry 1987>Promises Fulfilled, Vasilika
|||Crafty Prospector 1979>Army Mule
|||Woodman 1983
||||Lahint 1991>Imperial Hint
||||Holzmeister 1994>Electronica
|||Gone West 1984
||||Zafonic 1990
|||||Xaar 1995>Accidental Agent
|||||Iffraaj 2001>Melody Belle
||||Mr. Greeley 1992>Eskimo Kisses, Raging Bull
||||Western Winter 1992>Lobo's Legend
||||Elusive Quality 1993>Lisboeta, Roy H, Shamrock Rose
|||||Smarty Jones 2001>Keiai Nautique
||||Seeker's Reward 1993>Dafonda
||||Canadian Frontier 1999>Yoshida
|||Gulch 1984
||||Nayef 1998>Harlem
||||Monthir 1999>Bella Khaleesi
|||Forty Niner 1985>Epoca D'Oro
||||Dalhart 1990>Joy Nikita
||||Tactical Advantage 1990>El Dt
||||Distorted Humor 1993>Carrick, Moanin, Emotion Orpen
|||||Any Given Saturday 2004>Olympic Hanoi
||||Editor's Note 1993>Sinfonia Fantastica
||||Jules 1994>Gucci Girl
|||||Mastro Lorenzo 1999>Habile Bobby
|||Seeking The Gold 1985>Graceful Leap
||||Petionville 1992>Mckinzie
||||Dubai Millennium 1996
|||||Dubawi 2002>Blair House
||||Lecture 1996>Van Halen, Lecture
||||Windrush 1997>Nother Russia
|||Lode 1986>Fanciful, Holly Woman
|||Machiavellian 1987
||||Vettori 1992>Hunt
||||Medicean 1997>Admire Mars
||||No Excuse Needed 1998>Madison County
||||Street Cry 1998>Diversify, Skitter Scatter
|||||Street Sense 2004>Roaring Lion
|||Kingmambo 1990>Best Solution, Cross Counter
||||Lemon Drop Kid 1996>Without Parole
||||Dubai Destination 1999>Thunder Snow, God Given
||||King Kamehameha 2001>Wagnerian, Blast Onepiece
|||Distant View 1991>Sword Of Osman
|||Hussonet 1991>Shoals, Ivictory, Nuevo Maestro, Storm Rodrigo, Soqrat, Diane
|||Numerous 1991>Mirta
|||Personal Escort 1991>Patrick Erin
|||Smart Strike 1992>Touch Of Pink

Tom Fool 1949
|Silly Season 1962
||Lunchtime 1970
|||Snippets 1984>Merchant Navy
||||Pins 1996>D B Pin, Savvy Coup

Damascus 1964
|Timeless Moment 1970
||Gilded Time 1990>Audible, Aero Trem, Voodoo Lad

Blandford 1919
|Blenheim 1927
||Mahmoud 1933
|||The Axe 1958
||||Executioner 1968
|||||Grimaldi 1982>Honoravel Bisca
||Donatello 1934
|||Alycidon 1945
||||Lacydon 1955
|||||Cipayo 1974>La Extrana Dama
|Bahram 1932
||Persian Gulf 1940
|||Tamerlane 1952
||||Dschingis Khan 1961
|||||Konigsstuhl 1976
||||||Monsun 1990>Waldgeist, Wild Illusion
|||||||Manduro 2002>Billesdon Brook

Hyperion 1930
|Stardust 1937
||Star Kingdom 1946
|||Biscay 1965
||||Bletchingly 1970
|||||Carolingian 1988>Who Shot Thebarman
||||Marscay 1979
|||||Weasel Clause 1987>Sopressa
|||Kaoru Star 1965
||||Old Spice 1980>Trap For Fools
|Owen Tudor 1938
||Tudor Minstrel 1944
|||Will Somers 1955
||||Balidar 1966
|||||Young Generation 1976
||||||Cadeaux Genereux 1985>Teppal, Well Timed

Herbager 1956
|Grey Dawn 1962
||Purple Mountain 1982
|||A Good Reason 1994>Mama Mia

Prince Rose 1928
|Princequillo 1940
||Prince John 1953
|||Speak John 1958
||||Hold Your Peace 1969
|||||Success Express 1985
||||||Al Akbar 1990>Start Wondering, Winx

Ribot 1952
|Tom Rolfe 1962
||Hoist The Flag 1968
|||Preasant The Colors 1977
||||Villach King 1987>Gandhi Di Job
|His Majesty 1968
||Pleasant Colony 1978
|||Pleasantly Perfect 1998>Spiced Perfection

In Reality 1964
|Relaunch 1976
||Cee's Tizzy 1987
|||Tiznow 1997>Tiger Feet
||Honour And Glory 1993>London Town
|||Put It Back 1998>Future Queen
|Known Fact 1977
||Warning 1985>Flag Of Honour
|||Bishop Of Cashel 1992>The Tin Man
|||Diktat 1995>Surcharge

Djebel 1937
|Clarion 1944
||Klairon 1952
|||Lorenzaccio 1965
||||Ahonoora 1975
|||||Indian Ridge 1985>Romanised, Lancaster Bomber
||||||Indian Rocket 1994>Sands Of Mali
|||||Inchinor 1990>With You, Call The Wind
|My Babu 1945
||Better Boy 1951
|||Century 1969
||||Centaine 1980>Miss Wilson
||Milesian 1953
|||Partholon 1960
||||Symboli Rudolf 1981
|||||Tokai Teio 1988>Brave Smash


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