2016 Worldwide G1 Races


Stallion and BMS

Stallion Sire Line

Nearco 1935
|Nasrullah 1940
||Grey Sovereign 1948
|||Fortino 1959
||||Caro 1967
|||||Cozzene 1980
||||||Mizzen Mast 1998>Giant Treasure
|||||Siberian Express 1981
||||||In Excess 1987
|||||||Indian Charlie 1995>A. P. Indian
||||||||Uncle Mo 2008>Nyquist, Outwork
|||||With Approval 1986
||||||T. H. Approval 2001>Kiss Me Now
|||Zeddaan 1965
||||Kalamoun 1970
|||||Kenmare 1975
||||||Highest Honor 1983
|||||||Verglas 1994
||||||||Silver Frost 2006>Silverwave
|||||Kampala 1976
||||||Tony Bin 1983
|||||||Jungle Pocket 1998>Awardee
||Princely Gift 1951
|||Tesco Boy 1963
||||Sakura Yutaka O 1982
|||||Sakura Bakushin O 1989>Big Arthur
||Bold Ruler 1954
|||Boldnesian 1963
||||Bold Reasoning 1968
|||||Seattle Slew 1974
||||||A.P. Indy 1989
|||||||Pulpit 1994>Lord Nelson
||||||||Sky Mesa 2000>Giulia
||||||||Tapit 2001>Creator, Frosted, Sweet Loretta, Pretty City Dance, Time And Motionr
||||||||Ecclesiastic 2001>Fletcher, Acqua Fresh
||||||||Lucky Pulpit 2001>California Chrome
|||||||Malibu Moon 1997>Carina Mia, Gormley
|||||||Dynamix 1998
||||||||Domingo Siete 2004>Dominga Feliz
|||||||Mineshaft 1999>Weep No More
|||||||Flatter 1999>Taris, Paola Queen
|||||||Congrats 2000>Haveyougoneaway
|||||||Indy Dancer 2000>Maida Alegre
|||||||Bernardini 2003>Cavorting
|||||||Flanders Fields 2003>Secret Garden
|||||||Judpot 2005>Juxtapose
|||||||Adriano 2005>Dolemite, Easy To Love
||Red God 1954
|||Blushing Groom 1974
||||Rainbow Quest 1981
|||||Nedawi 1995>Very Nice Moon
||||Candy Stripes 1982
|||||Equal Stripes 1999>Schoolmistress, Keane
||||Rahy 1985
|||||Noverre 1998
||||||Le Havre 2006>La Cressonniere
|||||Perfectperformance 2002>Perfecto Juez
||Never Bend 1960
|||Mill Reef 1968
||||Shirley Heights 1975
|||||Darshaan 1981
||||||Mark Of Esteem 1993
|||||||Sir Percy 2003>Wake Forest
|||||Elegant Air 1981
||||||Dashing Blade 1987
|||||||Lord Of England 2003>Isfahan
|||Riverman 1969
||||Irish River 1976
|||||Sandtrap 1993>Super Jockey
|Royal Charger 1942
||Turn-to 1951
|||Hail To Reason 1958
||||Halo 1969
|||||Southern Halo 1983
||||||More Than Ready 1997>Prized Icon, Eagle Way
|||||||Gimmethegreenlight 2008>Gunner
||||||Emperor Richard 2004>Humor Acido
|||||Sunday Silence 1986
||||||Fuji Kiseki 1992>Straight Girl
||||||Agnes Tachyon 1998
|||||||Deep Sky 2005>Kyoei Gere
||||||Manhattan Cafe 1998>Queens Ring
||||||Gold Allure 1999>Copano Rickey, Chrysolite
||||||Neo Universe 2000
|||||||Victoire Pisa 2007>Jeweler
||||||Black Tide 2001>Kitasan Black
||||||Daiwa Major 2001>Major Emblem
||||||Hat Trick 2001>Hat Puntano
||||||Deep Impact 2002>Real Steel, Dee Majesty, Sinhalite, A Shin Hikari, Makahiki, Marialite, Vivlos, Satono Diamond, Mikki Isle, Satono Ares
|||||Saint Ballado 1989
||||||Star Dabbler 2003>Sweet Sorrel
||||Roberto 1969
|||||Silver Hawk 1979
||||||Grass Wonder 1995
|||||||Screen Hero 2004>Maurice
|||||Dynaformer 1985
||||||Temple City 2005>Miss Temple City, Annals Of Time
|||||Al Mufti 1985
||||||Captain Al 1996>Cloth Of Cloud, Carry On Alice, The Secret Is Out, Always In Charge, William Longsword
|||||Red Ransom 1987
||||||Roc De Cambes 2004>He's Our Rokkii
||||||All American 2005>Yankee Rose
||||Stop The Music 1970
|||||Taufan 1977
||||||Tagula 1993>Limato
|||||Cure The Blues 1978
||||||Incurable Optimist 1996>Brandyrun
|||Sir Gaylord 1959
||||Sir Ivor 1965
|||||Sir Tristram 1971
||||||Zabeel 1986>Preferment, Provocative
|||||||Octagonal 1992
||||||||Lonhro 1998>The Conglomerate
|||||||Colombia 1996>El Soldado
|||||||Greys Inn 2000>Legal Eagle
|||||||Savabeel 2001>Kawi, Lucia Valentina, Sound Proposition
|Nearctic 1954
||Northern Dancer 1961
|||Nijinsky 1967
||||Niniski 1976
|||||Lomitas 1988
||||||Silvano 1996>Marinaresco
|||Vice Regent 1967
||||Deputy Minister 1979
|||||Silver Deputy 1985
||||||Posse 2000>Mind Your Biscuits
|||||||Kodiak Kowboy 2005>Melatonin
||||||Badge Of Silver 2000>Barbon
|||||French Deputy 1992>Sound True
||||||Kurofune 1998>White Fugue
|||||Awesome Again 1994
||||||Ghostzapper 2000>Greenzapper, Shaman Ghost
|||||Go Deputy 2000>Abashiri
|||||Remind 2000>Aide Memoire
|||Be My Guest 1974
||||Pentire 1992>Xtravagant
|||The Minstrel 1974
||||Minstrel Glory 1980
|||||Job Di Caroline 1993>Gandhi Di Job
|||Try My Best 1975
||||Last Tycoon 1983
|||||Marju 1988>Satono Crown
|||||Iglesia 1995
||||||Written Tycoon 2002>Capitalist, Luna Rossa, Music Magnate
||||Waajib 1983
|||||Royal Applause 1993
||||||Acclamation 1999>Marsha
|||||||Dark Angel 2005>Mecca's Angel
|||||||Equiano 2005>The Tin Man
|||Nureyev 1977
||||Soviet Star 1984
|||||Starcraft 2000
||||||Star Witness 2007>Global Glamour
||||Polar Falcon 1987
|||||Pivotal 1993
||||||Kyllachy 1998>Twilight Son
||||||Excellent Art 2004>Under The Louvre
||||Spinning World 1993
|||||Thorn Park 1999>Ryan Mark, Suavito, Debt Collector
||||Good Journey 1996>Griante
|||Danzig 1977
||||Chief's Crown 1982
|||||Grand Lodge 1991
||||||Sinndar 1997
|||||||Youmzain 2003>Sea Calisi
|||||Concerto 1994
||||||Bellamy Road 2002>Constellation
||||Green Desert 1983
|||||Desert Style 1992
||||||Paco Boy 2005>Galileo Gold
|||||Cape Cross 1994>Awtaad, Guignol
||||||Sea The Stars 2006>Harzand, Zelzal
|||||Invincible Spirit 1997>Profitable, Signs Of Blessing, National Defense
||||||Lawman 2004>Harbour Law
||||||I Am Invincible 2004>I Am A Star
|||||Oasis Dream 2000>Muarrab
||||||Querari 2006>Querari Falcon
||||||Showcasing 2007>Quiet Reflection
||||Danehill 1986
|||||Flying Spur 1992>Zac Spirit
||||||Magnus 2002>Malaguerra
||||||Primus 2002>Laughing Gravy
|||||Danehill Dancer 1993>Qemah
||||||Choisir 1999>The Last Lion, Divine Prophet, Obviously
||||||Fast Company 2005>Jet Setting
||||||Mastercraftsman 2006>Valley Girl
||||||Air Chief Marshal 2007>Mont Ormel
|||||Danetime 1994
||||||Myboycharlie 2005>Jameka
|||||Redoute's Choice 1996>Peeping, Abbey Marie, Howard Be Thy Name
||||||Not A Single Doubt 2001>Extreme Choice, Single Gaze, Scales Of Justice
||||||Snitzel 2002>Sun Jewellery
||||||Fast 'N' Famous 2002>Adventador
||||||Stratum 2002>Takedown, Stratum Star
||||||Beneteau 2007>Lasqueti Spirit
|||||Commands 1996>Holler
|||||Blackfriars 1996>Black Heart Bart
|||||Dansili 1996>Flintshire, Queen's Trust
||||||Zacinto 2006>Ugo Foscolo
||||||Zoffany 2008>Ventura Storm
|||||Rock Of Gibraltar 1999>Cascada Surena, Admiral, Brillo De Sol
|||||Exceed And Excel 2000>Flamberge
||||||Helmet 2008>Thunder Snow
|||||Catcher In The Rye 2000>Catcho En Die, Kiriaki, Robinson Crusoe
|||||Fastnet Rock 2001>Heroic Valour, Fascinating Rock, Intricately, Rivet, Awesome Rock
||||||Stryker 2006>Rangipo
|||||Overlord 2002>Talktothestars
|||||California Dane 2002>Rebel Dane
|||||Dylan Thomas 2003>Blazing Speed, Nightflower
|||||Aussie Rules 2003>Willie Cazals
|||||Ivan Denisovich 2003>Marie Madelaine
|||||Holy Roman Emperor 2004>Designs On Rome, Maraton, Salto Olimpico, Beauty Only
|||||Duke Of Marmalade 2004>Sound Of Freedom
||||Belong To Me 1989
|||||Bon Hoffa 2002>Bon Aurum
||||Langfuhr 1992>Apollo Kentukcy
||||Exchange Rate 1997>Greta G, Vicotry To Victory
||||Monashee Mountain 1997>Miss Cover Girl
||||Vronsky 1999>What A View
||||Museeb 2002>Kodiak Boy
||||War Front 2002>Brave Anna, Avenge
|||||The Factor 2008>Noted And Quoted
||||Hard Spun 2004>Le Romain
|||Storm Bird 1978
||||Storm Cat 1983
|||||Harlan 1989
||||||Harlan's Holiday 1999
|||||||Into Mischief 2005>Practical Joke
|||||Forest Wildcat 1991
||||||Salute The Sarge 2005>Salutos Amigos
|||||Hennessy 1993
||||||Johannesburg 1999
|||||||Scat Daddy 2004>Kitcat, Celestine, Caravaggio, Harmonize, Lady Aurelia
|||||||Grand Daddy 2006>Gran Carboncillo, Big Daddy
||||||Henny Hughes 2003>Moanin, Beholder
|||||Tale Of The Cat 1994
||||||Falkirk 2000>Well Done
||||||Lion Heart 2001>Bradester
||||||Gio Ponti 2005>Drefong
|||||Forestry 1996>Nashville Texan
|||||Giant's Causeway 1997>Brody's Cause
||||||Shamardal 2002>Tryster, Dariyan, Speedy Boarding
|||||||Lope De Vega 2007>Belardo, Jemayel
||||||Heatseeker 2003>Ryans Charm
||||||Man Of Iron 2006>Paso Real
|||||Bernstein 1997>Tepin
||||||Storm Embrujado 2004>Dona Bruja
|||||Easing Along 1998>Le Ken, Touareg, Santillano
|||||Pure Prize 1998>Kononkop, Hispanidad, Blue Prize
|||||Freud 1998>Must Go On
|||||Van Nistelrooy 2000>Ukrano
|||||Grand Reward 2001>Sassagoula Springs
|||||Seeking The Dia 2001>Rio Allipen, Sarona, Color Rosa
|||||Hurricane Cat 2003>El Benicio
|||||Brave Tin Soldier 2004>Rabada
||||Summer Squall 1987
|||||Postponed 1997>Consensus
|||Dixieland Band 1980
||||Dixie Union 1997
|||||Union Rags 2009>Union Strike, Dancing Rags
|||Sadler's Wells 1981
||||In The Wings 1986
|||||Singspiel 1992
||||||Lohengrin 1999>Logotype
|||||Soldier Hollow 2000>Our Ivanhowe, Serienholde
|||||Adlerflug 2004>Iquitos
||||El Prado 1989
|||||Medaglia d'Oro 1999>Mshawish, Songbird, Astern, New Money Honey
|||||Kitten's Joy 2001>Divisidero, Hawkbill, Oscar Performance
|||||Artie Schiller 2001>Flying Artie
||||Fort Wood 1990
|||||Dynasty 1999>It's My Turn, Bela-Bela, Just Sensual
||||Montjeu 1996>Gallante
|||||Hurricane Run 2002>Ectot
|||||Authorized 2004>Hartnell
|||||Tavistock 2005>Volkstok'n'Barrell, Tarzino, Werther, Tavago
|||||Pour Moi 2008>Sacred Elixir
||||Beat Hollow 1997>Wicklow Brave
||||Galileo 1998>The United States, Minding, The Gurkha, Order Of St. George, Alice Springs, Deauville, Seventh Heaven, Highland Reel, Mondialiste, Churchill, Found, Rhododendron, Photo Call, Waldgeist
|||||Sixties Icon 2003>Sixties Song
|||||Teofilo 2004>Palentino, Special Fighter, Quest For More, He Runs Away
|||||Soldier Of Fortune 2004>Rey Del Rock, Nieta Querida
|||||New Approach 2005>Elliptique, Potemkin
|||||Cima De Triomphe 2005>Besitos
|||||Roderic O'Connor 2008>El Shaklan
|||||Frankel 2008>Soul Stirring
||||High Chaparral 1999
|||||So You Think 2006>La Diosa
||||Refuse To Bend 2000>Frisson
|||Fairy King 1982
||||Shinko King 1991>Azkadellia
||||Encosta De Lago 1993>Chautauqua, English, Mac De Lago
|||Rakeen 1987
||||Jet Master 1994>Master Sabina
||Icecapade 1969
|||Wild Again 1980
||||Wild Event 1993>Daffy Girl, Daniel Boone, Double Care, Esfinge
|||||Fluke 2005>Nostalgie
||||Christine's Outlaw 2000>Universal Law
||||Offlee Wild 2000>Eragon

Native Dancer 1950
|Raise A Native 1961
||Exclusive Native 1965
|||Roi Normand 1983
||||Redattore 1995>Editore
||||Ay Caramba 2000>My Cherie Amour
||Mr. Prospector 1970
|||Fappiano 1977
||||Cryptoclearance 1984
|||||Ride The Rails 1991
||||||Candy Ride 1999>Gun Runner, Mastery
||||Unbridled 1987
|||||Unbridled's Song 1993>Tara's Tango, Forever Unbridled, Arrogate
||||||Zensational 2006>Furia Azteca
|||||Broken Vow 1997>Champagne Room, Emerging Talent
|||||Empire Maker 2000
||||||Pioneerof The Nile 2006>Midnight Storm, Classic Empire
||||Rubiano 1987
|||||Burning Roma 1998>Sheer Drama
||||Signal Tap 1991>Chocolatera
|||Miswaki 1978
||||Bachelor Duke 2001>Dukedom
|||Crafty Prospector 1979
||||Music Prospector 1987
|||||Blade Prospector 1995>Wenzel Blade
|||Gone West 1984
||||Zafonic 1990
|||||Iffraaj 2001>Turn Me Loose, Ribchester
||||||Wootton Bassett 2008>Almanzor
||||Western Winter 1992>Carry On Alice, Red Ray
||||Elusive Quality 1993
|||||Elusive City 2000>Perfect Fit
|||||Quality Road 2006>Illuminant, Klimt, Abel Tasman
||||Speightstown 1998>Tamarkuz, Rieno Tesoro
|||||Lord Shanakill 2006>My Dream Boat
|||||Munnings 2006>I'm A Chatterbox
||||Sail From Seattle 2003>Gulf Storm
|||Afleet 1984
||||Northern Afleet 1993>World Approval
|||Forty Niner 1985
||||End Sweep 1991
|||||Trippi 1997>Inara, Real Princess
|||||Swept Overboard 1997>Red Falx
||||Luhuk 1991>Corona Del Inca
|||||El Garufa 2002>El Margot
||||Distorted Humor 1993>Joking
|||||Flower Alley 2002>Lukes Alley
|||||Any Given Saturday 2004>Hoppertunity
|||||Drosselmeyer 2007>Vito Corleone, Huracan Americo
|||Seeking The Gold 1985
||||Mutakddim 1991>In The Dark
||||Dubai Millennium 1996
|||||Dubawi 2002>The Blue Eye, Postponed, Left Hand, Wuheida, Journey, Erupt
||||||Makfi 2007>Sofia Rosa, Noor Al Hawa
|||Lode 1986
||||City Banker 2005>Conviction
|||Machiavellian 1987
||||Vettori 1992>Vettori Kin
|||||Out Of Control 2003>Ceu De Brigadeiro
||||Carson City 1987
|||||City Zip 1998>Finest City
||||Street Cry 1998>Winx
|||||Street Boss 2004>The Quaterback, Cathryn Sophia, Decked Out
|||||Shocking 2005>Fanatic
|||||Southdale 2006>Selvatica
|||Carson City 1987
||||City Zip 1998>Catch A Glimpse
|||Kingmambo 1990
||||Lemon Drop Kid 1996>Beach Patrol
||||King Kamehameha 2001>Hokko Tarumae
||||Ideal World 2005>Smart Call
|||Hussonet 1991>Contentment
|||Smart Strike 1992
||||English Channel 2002>The Pizza Man, Al's Gal
||||Curlin 2004>Exaggerator, Curalina, Off The Tracks, Stellar Wind, Connect
||||Lookin At Lucky 2007>Conquer
|||Miesque's Son 1992
||||Whipper 2001>Waikika
|||Chester House 1995
||||Divine Park 2004>Lady Eli
|||E Dubai 1998>Saltarin Dubai, Missing Dubai

Tom Fool 1949
|Silly Season 1962
||Lunchtime 1970
|||Snippets 1994
||||Pins 1996>Aerovelocity
|||||Econsul 2001>Precious Gem

Blandford 1919
|Blenheim 1927
||Mahmoud 1933
|||The Axe 1958
||||Executioner 1968
|||||Sestero 1982
||||||Dancer Man 1992>Benizi
|Bahram 1932
||Persian Gulf 1940
|||Tamerlane 1952
||||Dschingis Khan 1961
|||||Konigsstuhl 1976
||||||Monsun 1990>Protectionist, Vadamos, Almandin
|||||||Manduro 2002>Vazirabad

Ack Ack 1966
|Broad Brush 1983
||Include 1997>Don Inc

Rough'n Tuble 1948
|Minnesota Mac 1964
||Great Above 1972
|||Holy Bull 1991
||||Macho Uno 1998>Danon Legend

Princequillo 1940
|Prince John 1953
||Speak John 1958
|||Hold Your Peace 1969
||||Success Express 1985
|||||Mossman 1995>Buffering

In Reality 1964
|Relaunch 1976
||Cee's Tizzy 1987
|||Tiznow 1997>Tourist, Yellow Agate
||Honour And Glory 1993
|||Put It Back 1998>English Major

BMS Sire Line

Nearco 1935
|Nasrullah 1940
||Grey Sovereign 1948
|||Fortino 1958
||||Caro 1967
|||||Kaldoun 1975>Mondialiste
|||||Ringaro 1979
||||||Punk 1984>Wenzel Blade
|||||Parade Marshal 1983
||||||Not For Sale 1994>Blue Prize
|||||With Approval 1986>World Approval
|||Zeddaan 1965
||||Kalamoun 1970
|||||Kenmare 1975
||||||Highest Honor 1983>Serienholde
||||||Kendor 1986>Elliptique
|||||Kalaglow 1978
||||||Sternkonig 1990>Our Ivanhowe
||Princely Gift 1951
|||Tesco Boy 1963
||||Sakura Yutaka O 1982
|||||Sakura Bakushin O 1989>Kitasan Black
||Nashua 1952
|||Good Manners 1966
||||Farnesio 1974
|||||Interprete 1988>Kiriaki, In The Dark, Brandyrun
||||Ahmad 1975
|||||Potrillon 1988>Ukrano
||||Friul 1980
|||||Engrillado 1987>Catcho En Die
||Bold Ruler 1954
|||Boldnesian 1963
||||Bold Reasoning 1968
|||||Seattle Slew 1974
||||||Khozaam 1982>Adventador
||||||Capote 1984
|||||||Matty G 1993>Keane
|||||||Boston Harbor 1994>Off The Tracks
|||||||Acceptable 1994>Corona Del Inca
||||||Tokatee 1986>Daffy Girl
||||||Digression 1987>El Benicio
||||||A.P. Indy 1989>Lukes Alley, A. P. Indian, Joking
|||||||Pulpit 1994
||||||||Sky Mesa 2000>Harmonize
|||||||Indy Visiual 1994>Rey Del Rock
|||||||Old Trieste 1995>Mastery
|||||||Malibu Moon 1997>Stellar Wind
|||||||Camden Park 1998>Just Sensual
|||||||Mineshaft 1999>Cathryn Sophia
||||||Vindication 2000>Exaggerator
|||||Super Concorde 1975
||||||Big Shuffle 1984>Potemkin
|||||||Areion 1995>Iquitos
||||Bold Ruckus 1976
|||||Bold n'Flashy 1989>Conquer
|||Jungle Cove 1966
||||Bush Telegragh 1983
|||||Crimson Waves 1990>Querari Falcon
|||Raja Baba 1968
||||Well Decorated 1978
|||||Notebook 1985>Sheer Drama
||Red God 1954
|||Blushing Groom 1974
||||Runaway Groom 1979
|||||Cherokee Run 1990>Hokko Tarumae, The Blue Eye
||||||Kafwain 2000>Paola Queen
||||Nassipour 1980>Heroic Valour
||||Rainbow Quest 1981>Qemah, Wicklow Brave, Quest For More
|||||Quest For Fame 1987>Zac Spirit
|||||Bin Ajwaad 1990>Twilight Son
|||||Wagon Master 1990>Maida Alegre
||||Groom Dancer 1984>Fanatic
||||Rahy 1985>Kodiak Boy
|||||Noverre 1998>Under The Louvre
||||Shy Tom 1986>Eragon
||||Jallad 1988>It's My Turn
||Never Bend 1960
|||Mill Reef 1968
||||Shirley Heights 1975>Inara
|||||Know Heights 1989>Greenzapper
|||Riverman 1969>Tryster
||||Irish River 1976>Catch A Glimpse
|||||River Mist 1982>Silverwave
|||||Paradise Creek 1989>Kyoei Gere
|||||Brief Truce 1989>The Last Lion
||||Norman Pentaquad 1983>El Soldado
|Royal Charger 1942
||Turn-to 1951
|||Hail To Reason 1958
||||Halo 1969
|||||Devil's Bag 1981
||||||Taiki Shuttle 1994>Straight Girl
|||||Southern Halo 1983>Conviction, Schoolmistress, Kononkop, Carina Mia
||||||Laramie 1989>Vettori Kin
||||||More Than Ready 1997>Luna Rossa, Rebel Dane
|||||Sunday Silence 1986>Logotype, Red Falx, Awardee
||||||Fuji Kiseki 1992>White Fugue, Sound True
|||||Saint Ballado 1989>Lady Eli
||||||Yankee Victor 1996>Melatonin
||||Roberto 1969
|||||Kris S 1977>Time And Motion
||||||You And I 1991>Decked Out
|||||At Talaq 1981>Black Heart Bart
|||||Lear Fan 1981>The Pizza Man
|||||Brian's Time 1985>Dee Majesty
|||||Al Mufti 1985
||||||Captain Al 1996>Gunner
|||||Red Ransom 1987
||||||Intikhab 1994>Found
|||Sir Gaylord 1959
||||Sir Ivor 1965
|||||Sir Tristram 1971
||||||Grosvenor 1979
|||||||Ebony Groove 1993>Sound Proposition
||||||Kaapstad 1984>Aerovelocity
||||||Zabeel 1986>Xtravagant, Rangipo, Tarzino, Werther
|Dante 1942
||Darius 1951
|||Derring-Do 1961
||||High Top 1969
|||||Top Ville 1976
||||||Pistolet Bleu 1988>Jeweler
||||Roland Gardens 1975
|||||Pas De Quoi 1986>Red Ray
|Sayajirao 1944
||I Say 1962
|||Clackson 1976
||||Ramirito 1987>Universal Law
|Infatuation 1951
||Showdown 1961
|||The Judge 1975
||||Zeditave 1985
|||||Strategic 1992>Holler, Le Romain, Griante
|Nearctic 1954
||Northern Dancer 1961
|||Nijinsky 1967
||||Green Dancer 1972
|||||Green Tune 1991>Waikika
||||Ile De Bourbon 1975
|||||Iroko 1982
||||||Auguri 1992>Selvatica
||||Niniski 1976
|||||Lomitas 1988>Wake Forest, He's Our Rokkii
||||Gallantsky 1976
|||||Patio De Naranjos 1991>Benizi, Chocolatera
||||Caerleon 1980>Erupt
||||Tights 1981>Perfect Fit
||||Winning 1986>Al's Gal
||||Royal Academy 1987>Bela-Bela, Ceu De Brigadeiro
|||||Ali-Royal 1993>Beauty Only
||||Jaded Dancer 1988>Nieta Querida
|||Vice Regent 1967
||||Deputy Minister 1979>Frosted, Abel Tasman
|||||Salt Lake 1989>Sassagoula Springs
|||||Dehere 1991
||||||Graeme Hall 1997>Curalina
|||||French Deputy 1992>Tara's Tango, Makahiki, Hispanidad
|||||Awesome Again 1994
||||||Ghostzapper 2000>Drefong
||||||Toccet 2000>Mind Your Biscuits
|||Lyphard 1969
||||Bellypha 1976
|||||Mendez 1981
||||||Linamix 1987>Ectot, Vazirabad
||||Elliodor 1977>Abashiri
||||Ghadeer 1978>English Major
||||Manila 1983>What A View
|||The Minstrel 1974
||||Palace Music 1981>Palentino
|||Try My Best 1975
||||Last Tycoon 1983
|||||Marju 1988>Ribchester, Marsha
|||||O'Reilly 1993>Provocative
|||Sovereign Dancer 1975
||||Louis Quatorze 1993>El Margot
|||Nureyev 1977>Dona Bruja
||||Theatrical 1982>Taris, Oscar Performance
||||Polar Falcon 1987>Fascinating Rock, Always In Charge, Isfahan
|||||Pivotal 1993>The United States, Harbour Law, Rhododendron
||||Wolfhound 1989>Muarrab
||||Fadeyev 1991>Fletcher
||||Peintre Celebre 1994>Precious Gem, Protectionist, Vadamos, Nightflower
||||Stravinsky 1996>Tavago, Tepin, Sacred Elixir, Very Nice Moon, Ugo Foscolo
|||Danzig 1977
||||Green Desert 1983
|||||Volksraad 1988>Kawi, Volkstok'n'Barrell
|||||Cape Cross 1994>Consensus
|||||Invincible Spirit 1997>Sound Of Freedom
||||National Assembly 1984
|||||National Emblem 1991>Legal Eagle
||||Danehill 1986>Turn Me Loose, Prized Icon, Belardo, Deauville, Highland Reel, Satono Ares
|||||Flying Spur 1992>Preferment
|||||Lion Hunter 1992>Chautauqua
|||||Danehill Dancer 1993>Minding, The Gurkha, Music Magnate, Alice Springs
||||||Choisir 1999>My Dream Boat
|||||Tiger Hill 1995>Almandin
|||||Commands 1996>Contentment
|||||Rock Of Gibraltar 1999>Photo Call, Mikki Isle
|||||Exceed And Excel 2000>Astern
||||Polish Numbers 1987>Illuminant
||||Lure 1989>Eagle Way
|||||Orpen 1996>Greta G, Satono Diamond, Nashville Texan
||||Lost Soldier 1990>I'm A Chatterbox
||||Perugino 1991
|||||Testa Rossa 1996>Global Glamour
||||Anabaa 1992>Buffering, English, Hartnell, Queens Ring
||||Langfuhr 1992>Rieno Tesoro
||||Bianconi 1995>Dukedom, Valley Girl
|||Storm Bird 1978
||||Storm Cat 1983>Real Steel, Weep No More, A Shin Hikari, Churchill, Dancing Rags, Danon Legend
|||||Catrail 1990>Abbey Marie
|||||Forest Wildcat 1991>Lady Aurelia
|||||Hennessy 1993>Furia Azteca
||||||Johannesburg 1999>Jet Setting, Seventh Heaven
||||||Wiseman's Ferry 1999>Haveyougoneaway
|||||Catienus 1994>Admiral
|||||Forestry 1996>Nyquist
|||||Cat Thief 1996>Classic Empire
|||||Giant's Causeway 1997>Hawkbill, Awesome Rock, Gun Runner
||||||Shamardal 2002>Awtaad
|||||Bernstein 1997>Don Inc, Hat Puntano, Esfinge, Gormley, Champagne Room
|||||Easing Along 1998>Editore
|||||Bluegrass Cat 2003>Sweet Loretta
||||Mujadil 1988>Willie Cazals
|||Dixieland Band 1980>Touareg, I Am A Star
||||Dixie Union 1997>Besitos, Klimt
|||Shareef Dancer 1980
||||Nediym 1985
|||||General Nediym 1994>Jameka, Lasqueti Spirit
|||Sadler's Wells 1981>Blazing Speed, Flintshire, Brave Anna
||||In The Wings 1986>Debt Collector
|||||Singspiel 1992>Sinhalite, Limato, Left Hand, Wuheida
||||Opera House 1988>Major Emblem
||||Fort Wood 1990>Real Princess, Marinaresco, William Longsword
|||||Horse Chestnut 1995>Smart Call
||||Carnegie 1991>Maurice
||||Dushyantor 1993>Color Rosa, Marie Madelaine
||||Montjeu 1996>Lucia Valentina, Journey, Obviously
||||Galileo 1998>Galileo Gold, La Cressonniere, Intricately, Rivet
||||High Chaparral 1999>Suavito
|||Fairy King 1982
||||Encosta De Lago 1993>The Quarterback, Peeping, Sofia Rosa, Divine Prophet
|||Unfuwain 1985
||||Alhaarth 1993
|||||Haafhd 2001>Quiet Relfection, Ventura Storm
||Icecapade 1969
|||Clever Trick 1976
||||Tricky Creek 1986>Beholder
|||Wild Again 1980
||||Wild Event 1993Dolemite, Easy To Love

Fair Trial 1932
|Court Martial 1942
||Wilkes 1952
|||Vain 1966
||||Truly Vain 1979>Well Done

Native Dancer 1950
|Raise A Native 1961
||Exclusive Native 1965
|||Roi Normand 1983>Nostalgie, Vito Corleone
||Majestic Prince 1966
|||Majestic Light 1973
||||Wavering Monarch 1979
|||||Maria's Mon 1993>Almanzor, Santillano
||||||Monarchos 1998>Celestine
||Mr. Prospector 1970
|||Fappiano 1977
||||Quiet American 1986>Beach Patrol, Secret Garden
|||||First American 1996>Acqua Fresh
||||Unbridled 1987
|||||Unbridled's Song 1993>Tourist, Sixties Song
|||||Empire Maker 2000>Outwork
|||Miswaki 1978
||||Umatilla 1988>Sun Jewellery, Scales Of Justice
||||Rossini 1997>Satono Crown
|||Conquistador Cielo 1979
||||Marquetry 1987
|||||Artax 1995>Miss Temple City
|||Woodman 1983>Avenge
||||Timber Country 1992>Copano Rickey
||||Favorable Ruling 1993>Dominga Feliz
|||Gone West 1984>Giant Treasure, Order Of St. George, Apollo Kentucky
||||Zafonic 1990>Takedown
|||||Xaar 1995>Yankee Rose, Harzand
||||Seeker's Reward 1993>Dacita
||||Grand Slam 1995>Bradester
||||Promontory Gold 1997>Bon Aurum
||||Speightstown 1998>Paso Real
|||Gulch 1984
||||Thunder Gulch 1992>Mshawish, Robinson Crusoe
|||||Point Given 1998>Victory To Victory
|||Jade Hunter 1984>Brillo De Sol
||||Stuka 1990>Rio Allipen, Cascada Surena
|||Forty Niner 1985
||||Luhuk 1991>Salutos Amigos
||||Distorted Humor 1993>Moanin, Humor Acido, Arrogate, Practical Joke, New Money Honey
||||Jules 1994>My Cherie Amour
||||West Acre 1995>Songbird
|||Seeking The Gold 1985>Giulia, Lord Nelson, Signs Of Blessing, Emerging Talent
||||Windrush 1997>Juxiapose
|||Lode 1986>Double Care
||||Spaceship 1994>Talktothestars
|||Machiavellian 1987>Special Fighter, Gallante, Vivlos
||||Vettori 1992>Mac De Lago, Frisson
||||Street Cry 1998>Daniel Boone, Noor Al Hawa
|||Carson City 1987>Cavorting, Pretty City Dancer
||||City Zip 1998>Noted And Quoted
|||Barkerville 1988
||||Big Ten 1995>Big Daddy
|||Dodge 1988>El Shaklan
|||Kingmambo 1990>Big Arthur, Sweet Sorrel, Zelzal, National Defense
||||El Condor Pasa 1995>Marialite, Chrysolite
||||Lemon Drop Kid 1996>Forever Unbridled, Divisidero, Ryans Charm, Yellow Agate, Tamarkuz, Finest City
||||King's Best 1997>Mont Ormel, Queen's Trust
||||Dubai Destination 1999>Postponed, Thunder Snow
|||Not For Love 1990>California Chrome, Constellation
|||Faltaat 1990>Howard Be thy Name
|||Goldkeeper 1990>The Secret Is Out
|||Distant View 1991>Annals Of Time
|||Hussonet 1991>Extreme Choice, Le Ken
|||Kilconnel 1991>Gulf Storm
|||Numerous 1991>Must Go On
|||Smart Strike 1992>Union Strike
||||Until Sundown 1998>Sarona
|||Sahm 1994>Brody's Cause
|||Fusaichi Pegasus 1997>Capitalist, Cloth Of Cloud
|Atan 1961
||Sharpen Up 1969
|||Selkirk 1988>Dariyan

Tom Fool 1949
|Silly Season 1962
||Lunchtime 1970
|||Snippets 1984
||||Pins 1996>Stratum Star
|||Integra 1987
||||Intergaze 1993>Single Gaze

Damascus 1964
|Timeless Moment 1970
||Gilded Time 1990>Shaman Gold
|Private Account 1976
||Unaccounted For 1991>Hoppertunity
||Privately Held 1994>Creator
|Time For A Change 1981
||Fly So Free 1988>Kitcat

Blandford 1919
|Blenheim 1927
||Donatello 1934
|||Alycidon 1945
||||Lacydon 1955
|||||Cipayo 1974
||||||Fitzcarraldo 1981>Saltarin Dubai, Missing Dubai
||||||Senor Juez 1995>Perfecto Juez
|Bahram 1932
||Persian Gulf 1940
|||Tamerlane 1952
||||Dschingis Khan 1961
|||||Konigsstuhl 1976
||||||Monsun 1990>Waldgeist, Guignol, Soul Stirring

Rough'n Tumble 1948
|Minnesota Mac 1964
||Great Above 1972
|||Holy Bull 1991>Caravaggio, Connect
||||Macho Uno 1998>Huracan Americo

Hyperion 1930
|Stardust 1937
||Star Kingdom 1946
|||Biscay 1965
||||Bletchingly 1970>Malaguerra
|||||Cossack Warrior 1983
||||||Brave Warrior 1991
|||||||Show A Heart 1997>Miss Cover Girl
|||||Canny Lad 1987>The Conglomerate
||||Otehi Bay 1973
|||||Kingdom Bay 1981>Ryan Mark
||||Marscay 1979
|||||Blazing Sword 1985>Flamberge
|Owen Tudor 1938
||Tudor Minstrel 1944
|||Sing Sing 1957
||||Jukebox 1966
|||||Music Boy 1973
||||||Clantime 1981
|||||||Atraf 1993>Mecca's Angel
||||Mummy's Pet 1968
|||||Reprimand 1985
||||||Fard 1992>Rabada

Alchimist 1930
|Birkhahan 1945
||Literat 1965
|||Surumu 1974>Sea Calisi

Herbager 1956
|Grey Dawn 1962
||Purple Mountain 1982
|||A Good Reason 1994>Kiss Me Now
|Appiani 1963
||Star Appeal 1970
|||Star Way 1977>La Diosa

Princequillo 1940
|Prince John 1953
||Speak John 1958
|||Hold Your Peace 1969
||||Success Express 1985>Aide Memoire
|||||Al Akbar 1990>Winx
|Round Table 1954
||Tell !966
|||Pompeii Court 1977>Super Jockey

Ribot 1952
|Tom Rolfe 1962
||Hoist The Flag 1968
|||Alleged 1974>Designs On Rome
||||Law Society 1982
|||||Homme De Loi 1989>Jemayel
||||Sportsworld 1988>Master Sabina
||French Colonial 1975
|||New Colony 1983>Salto Olimpico
||Present The Colors 1977
|||Villach King 1987>Gandhi Di Job
|His Majesty 1968
||Pleasant Colony 1978
|||Longwwoods 1993>Gran Carboncillo

Tourbillon 1928
|Djebel 1937
||Clarion 1944
|||Klairon 1952
||||Lorenzaccio 1965
|||||Ahonoora 1975
||||||Indian Ridge 1985>Profitable
||My Babu 1945
|||Better Boy 1951
||||Century 1969
|||||Centaine 1980>Azkadellia
|||||Rubiton 1983>Laughing Gravy, Flying Artie

In Reality 1964
|Valid Appeal 1972
||Successful Appeal 1996>Barbon
|Relaunch 1976
||Skywalker 1982
|||Bertrando 1989>Midnight Storm
||Honour And Glory 1993>He Runs Away
|Known Fact 1977
||Warning 1985
|||Bishop Of Cashel 1992>The Tin Man
|||Diktat 1995>Speedy Boarding

Hurry On 1913
|Precipitation 1933
||Sheshoon 1956
|||Sassafras 1967
||||Henri Le Balafre 1972
|||||Fantastic Dancer 1990>Maraton


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